Welcome to Air Quality Assessments Ltd, providing specialist ambient air quality advice and services to clients across the UK. We offer an independent and personal service, and work with developers, planners and architects to get projects through the planning and permitting system. Our aim is to provide a cost effective, high quality service to ensure the return of satisfied clients. Air Quality Assessments Ltd has experience working within the following sectors:

Road schemes;
Minerals and waste; and
Local authority.

Air quality can be a material consideration during the determination of a planning application, and the local authority will require an assessment where a proposed development may impact on, or be affected by, local air quality. Planning consent may be refused where there are air quality issues, and a robust air quality assessment can alert developers to problems early in the design process. An air quality assessment may also be required as part of an environmental permit application.

Whatever your requirements, Air Quality Assessments Ltd can provide a tailored solution to meet your needs. Air Quality Assessments Ltd will produce a stand-alone report or a technical chapter for inclusion in an Environmental Statement where a scheme has been determined as ‘EIA development’. Whether your scheme is a single dwelling that introduces new exposure in an area of poor air quality, or a large scale, mixed-use, land development project, Air Quality Assessments Ltd can provide you with:

Planning application support;
Environmental permit application support;
Air quality modelling;
Air quality monitoring;
Air quality assessment;
Fugitive dust assessment; and
Odour assessment.

Air Quality Assessments Ltd use the most recent air quality dispersion modelling software (ADMS-Roads and ADMS 5) and agree the assessment methodology with the local authority to produce a robust assessment, which will prevent delays to your planning application. We provide fixed-fee quotations, so there are no unexpected costs on your invoice.

If you would like to discuss your air quality requirements with Air Quality Assessments Ltd, or would like to request a quote for our services, please call Bob Thomas on 07940 478134, or send an email to. Alternatively, visit our website at http://aqassessments.co.uk for further information.

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