Do You Need An Air Quality Consultant?

Air Quality Assessments Ltd: Air Quality Consultant providing dust, odour & air quality assessments for clients across the UK

Air Quality Assessments Ltd provide consulting and air quality assessment services for residential, commercial, industrial, waste and mineral developments and road schemes. Whether you need a simple screening assessment, or a detailed chapter for an Environmental Statement, our air quality consultant has the skills and the experience to provide the support you need. We offer an independent and personal service, working with developers, planners and architects to get projects through the planning and permitting system. Our aim is to provide a cost effective consultancy service, producing reports of a high standard to ensure customer satisfaction.

Air Quality Assessments Ltd can provide you with: planning application support, environmental permit application support, modelling, monitoring, dust assessment, and odour assessment. Whatever your requirements, Air Quality Assessments Ltd can deliver solutions tailored to meet your needs.

If you think you need an air quality consultant, call Bob Thomas on 07940 478134 or send an email to . Once our air quality consultant has determined what we need to do to help you, we will provide a free, no obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We produce reports in support of planning applications, modelling impacts due to traffic and de-centralised energy generation and assessing the impacts from construction dust.

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Minerals & Waste

You may need an air quality consultant to provide dust, odour or bioaerosol assessments, or to produce a dust and odour management plan. We can help with modelling and monitoring.

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You may need an air quality consultant to provide support for your planning application. From retail to warehousing, we can provide consultancy services for all kinds of commercial development.

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Road Schemes

We follow the DMRB methodolgy and use the ADMS-Roads dispersion model to assess road scheme impacts in isolation, or as part of wider development.

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You may need an air quality consultant to provide modelling or monitoring services in support of environmental permit and planning applications for industrial processes.

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